3 thoughts on “LTB Episode-18, The Long and Grinding Road

  1. Great episode of the podcast Braag. For my part having been on Bullroarer this past week Update 15 is looking promising, with the exception of my continued grumpiness regarding the new ‘Epic Battle’. I’m wondering what your thoughts are on the new class, considering you didn’t talk about it too much on this episode.

  2. I actually have been on Bullroarer before just to take in the Eyes and Guard tavern experience firsthand, but generally speaking I like to leave the gameplay for launch, especially since I am likely go through it with multiple alts and want to avoid ‘content fatigue’ as long as possible, so I have not played the Beorning at all and will likely even avoid watching videos of it in action, but I do read up on others thoughts and opinions. I predicted last year that Beornings were the most likely and most logical next class option in order to have unique play style experience that would appeal to many and it sounds like the gameplay mechanics still support that. I am enthusiastic for it’s launch and for those that do not want to play a Beorning and be one of the 100’s running around the starter zones, it’s an excellent opportunity to level a support class or healer and group up with all the young cubs. In fact, if you wanted to be creative, I imagine you could create a female hobbit minstrel named a variation of Goldilocks and be very popular in groups!

  3. Great list. While I don’t agree with some (especially Chicken Shenanigans), I do like to have the “clean” deed log.

    I’d add the following to your list:

    Essences – this is basically the DA daily grind, plus multiple crafting grind (if a solo player), plus essence grind, and the RNG to boot. Yuck. Bonus grind – if you want to “try” to crit your essence, you’ll need a guilded scholar, with Rohan rep and tokens to buy the single use recipe. That’s more grind than Starbucks at 8am.

    Skirmisher of Middle-Earth Deed – this is getting all encounters completed in all skirmishes. Simple enough… unless the RNG hates the living orc-poo out of you. Inevitably, the last encounters you need will always spawn at the end of the skirmish, which means a lot of skirmishes that you have to run 90% of the way, to get a “chance” to get an encounter.

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