2 thoughts on “LTB Episode 20, Fur Goodness Sake

  1. I’m not an early adopter based on Turbine’s past releases, so I’ll wait until .1 or .2 before heading to the new zones. And, I was tired of the bear stuff/puns prior to the release, so I’ll pass on the new class. Dealing with the music issues and all the new random “features” *cough*cough* bugs *cough*cough* makes it seem these releases are getting worse instead of better with regards to QA. I’d rather have the whole thing late and be a solid release (and release everything promised, hello where is the Legendary Item lock update), rather than early/on time and require a half dozen hotfixes or additional “point” releases to get it right.

    For now, they broke the music system and still did not provide the 6-man EB – alienating both the RP and instance/group people. PvMP creeps are now rumored to be going on hiatus as well, due to the new class’ OP-ness. I too, have foot in the software development industry. I don’t think I’d ever make a release/update, where my “known issues list” was longer than my patch notes.

    On a side note (from one of your other recent episodes), i did try my hand at a solo Survival – Barrow Downs… and lasted past the 35 minute mark. Man, that’s a wrist-wrecker…

    1. 35 Mins. Wow! That is impressive! What class were you on? For the LI update, As long as they pushed back the leveling, I am not sure it will matter, as long as the make it retroactively applicable to all of the Lvl-100 items that people already have in place to prevent the additional regrind…
      – Braag

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