3 thoughts on “LTB Episode-21, Sir Braag-A-Lot

  1. Funny, I had nearly the same quest issue (in Central Gondor) as you, where I could not pickup the last item. My GM responses were a bit different – first ticket was closed because they “don’t help with quests”, second ticket was closed because I was not in game when they responded. Third time was a charm, and they force-advanced me through the quest (they could not make the item appear for me to pick up). I wonder if this is an issue with the zone as a whole – porting out of the area while in the middle of a “gather” quest.

    In response to your comment on my comment with regards to Survial Barrow Downs – I’m a warden, tank line traited (blue line). Most times, the more mobs there are, the more I can leech. Eventually though, there are just too many hitting me at the same time to survive.

  2. You’ve truly outdone yourself, Sir Braag-a-lot. The LOTRO community collectively bows down and proclaims our unworthiness. I could practically see Grima dancing in the background! Thanks for the laughs! – Brax

    1. Thanks Brax! Yes, I have an image of Brad Dourif with one headphone pressed up against his head. Maybe a sideways baseball cap with a White hand on it, bopping to the music. Maybe I will look for a collaborator to create a music video with dancing bears and the like…

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