One thought on “LTB Episode-29, Fishing for Compliments

  1. These are the five plugins I use most often:

    1) Bootstrap – While LOTRO comes with a plugin manager, it is limited in features and ease of use. Bootstrap is a plugin to manage plugins. Its purpose is to ease using other plugins through a graphical user interface and some degree of automation. Bootstrap provides the user a way to automatically load multiple plugins in one click, as well as a configurable popup menu to load individual plugins on demand and execute commands exported by plugins. In short, you load this plugin for all characters, and let this plugin manage all the rest. This is great since it allows you to customize which character loads which plugins, and in which order. It is great for those times when plugins need to be reloaded “on the fly” (without logging out / logging back in), like Songbook – or if you need a plugin for a quick second before turning it back off.

    2) Daily Tasks – While some people ignore or flat oppose doing tasks, I am not one of them. Tasks are a great way to gain reputation, experience, and deed completion. I’ve had alts skip entire zones and jump 10 – 30 levels just on task completion. Task completion also increases the number of active quests a character can have. This plugin makes it so easy to know what to vendor and what to keep, how many tasks you can complete, and which alts to pass other items on to. One of the best plugins out there, and one of my all time favorites.

    3) Travel – Not counting wardens and hunters (for which this plugin has even more value), there are many reputation-based travel skills, among the normal milestone and racial skills – enough to fill a toolbar. This plugin makes a little launcher for these skills, freeing up a lot bar space and allowing you to quickly choose your next porting destination. This is one of those plugins that should have something equivalent incorporated directly into the game.

    4) AltInventory – Like TitanBar and the old HugeBag options – this gives you the ability to see what your alts are holding on to.

    5) Cash – This is a “command-line” tool (no user interface, so you use the chat window). Great tool for figuring out cooking costs, net costs/gain after a play session, or which of your alt characters has extra coin to pass around.

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