One thought on “LTB Episode-31, Watching The Watcher

  1. Hello Braag,
    Great job on the April Fools’ broadcast. When I saw the title I thought, “Oh no! Is he hanging up his mic?” Imagine my pleasant surprise when I got the joke. I wanted to let you know, since I commented in a previous email, your broadcast quality has been stellar lately, very sharp and clear. I don’t know what you’re doing different, if anything, but it’s working.
    Also, I wanted to let you know, I enjoy your segments on older areas of the game. It seems sometimes the “good old days” of LOTRO are escaping us, and it’s good to have someone who appreciates the older content go back and highlight it.
    Keep the Beacons Lit!

    Wodholm Stoutheart, Captain of Brandywine

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