One thought on “LTB Episode-33, Hot Bee on Bee Action!!

  1. I do find that I hit the store button on the LI page far too often than I mean to (and I never mean to hit it).

    I decided based on your go at it to take the Bragg-Solo-Sambrog challenge. I was kind of surprised that it wasn’t all that bad for a level 100 instance. I did end up making it all the way and defeating Sambrog. I didn’t have anything special – level 95 crafted gear and jewelry (non-essence, non-BB-barter stuff). I used a couple of consumable buffs (scrolls, hope tokens, etc.), but no food. Wardens are lucky enough to have a power-return gambit that acts as a PoT – that combined with the occasional potion kept me pretty much in the “blue” the whole time. And of course, the RNG returned a poor reward for my efforts.

    I was considering maybe putting a set of essence gear together. Now though, based on the above, I’m really wondering if essence gear is worth the grind effort when level 95 gear seemed to be fine.

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