Entish Dreams, A Hasty Poem

Entish Dreams (A Hasty Poem)

Looming loamish languid forms

Deep sleep I, amid the storms

Storms of ken and storms of cloud

That batter bark encrusted shrouds


The draughts I’ve drunk, the rays lived under

The stones my seed has riven asunder

Have crafted core, branch, twig and leaf

And muddled mind absorbed in grief


Much is lost to forest floor

Decaying carpet of ageless lore

The crush of memories pressing down

Smothering desire of sight or sound


Yet walked I once from sea to sea

Shaded by endless canopy

Glinted by scintillating stars

Slanting home in shimmering bars


Effortlessly I mastered earth

And witnessed lesser beings birthed

Wide my branches gathered in

The pulse of life and choral din


But rapture sought is sorrow found

The Ent-Wives ache cut wounds profound

As axes scoring trunk and root

Pain unsuccored by Entish moot


With witless whim, my self withdrew

Like cruelest winters palest hue

Endured but n’er again embraced

Consciousness bereft of time or space


Unburdened by this treasonous soul

With waiting my most mortal goal

Worried not, as just a tree

Until at last eternity

– Braag, Son of Balin  7/9/15

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