4 thoughts on “LTB Episode-39, Tickle-Me Elrond

  1. Braag, you truly are the Master Dwarf.

    Thank you for the comedy and laughs, you do it the best.

    I understand if you don’t pick Gladden : )

    Keep lighting the Beacons Master Dwarf

  2. I saw Mr. Holmes, very good movie. Like you said its not a typical Sherlock
    movie or show but worth seeing.

    I love the current BBC Sherlock with Cumberbatch, spelled it right the first time LOL

    The old and the modern interpretations are equally great works.

    Thanks for the reminder for Mr. Holmes, been meaning to see it for a while.

    Best regards,

  3. With the impending new crafting level, maybe you could talk about if/what ppl could do now to prepare for it? Like crafting those week long CD crests, etc.?

    Also, you should trick Dr. Corey Olsen into using your entish poetry in one of his classes 😉

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