2 thoughts on “LTB Episode-42, MMMO’s? Say it Ain’t So!

  1. Hey Bragg, good show… I think you’d be fine on Landroval. If you go looking for RP, you’ll probably find it, but I don’t think it is too “in your face” at all. I’m not a super-big RPer, and I’ve been fine with it for many years. If you swift travel into Bree, you may find yourself in a middle of concert when you land – but that’s about the worst of it for me (and that’s not really “bad”). /World has its share of idiots, but that is probably to be expected as well (my kingdom for an unlimited ignore list). With the transfers, I can see it already becoming more active, and events/concerts full of new faces. If you happen to make it your new home server, add to me your friend’s list… you can be my wingman anytime .

    For me, “epic” is charging across the fields of Pelannor, crashing through wave after wave of enemies. Epic is not cranking a winch again… and again… and again… and again. Epic is not building or moving barricades. Epic is not standing next to guys and telling them to go fight (that actually seems a little cowardice IMHO). I’ll probably run through the new U17 ones once as part of the quest line, but that will be it. I’ll be somewhat disappointed if such a pivotal battle is reduced to a “crank n’ block” EB.

    I agree with you on your mobile-MMO thoughts. I don’t consider games like Clash of Clans or Game of War to be even remotely close to a MMO-style experience (or even a Diablo-like experience). The closest thing I’ve found so far is Star Wars: Uprising, which is actually pretty good. You can see other players in game, and group up with them to run content. The combat mechanics are very effective, there is a nice gear system, gear cosmetics, repeatables and dailies, and a fun crew system. You can very easily jump in, set up a your crew, run a mission, and jump out. For me, the two most glaring issue between a game like this and a computer-based MMO, are 1) the content gets old extremely fast and you can see the repetitiveness kick in quickly; and 2) interacting with other players within game using a phone keyboard is nigh impossible. While there are other people around you, it is too hard to socialize with them and play at the same time. I would log into LOTRO to just to sit around and chat – I’d never do that on a phone game.

    1. I think they call them big battles, we have Epic Quests, they are not always great either. I saw the beta for Minas Tirith, walked, ran and rode around the area, its Big and Epic sized LOL

      I hope people are not disappointed when they get there,
      the journey was the point.

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