One thought on “LTB Episode-44, HenDuel Fantasy Hobnanigans

  1. I didn’t realize there were so many new classes to play in this updated. So far I’ve been a florist, floral deliverer, coroner, lunch deliver, stable boy, babysitter, plumber, sewer cleaner, mason, gardener, sheep herder, storage manager, nurse, security guard, and (worst of all), a coward. I’m wondering when I’ll be able to play the “warden” class…

    I’ve been asked by kids to get them alcohol (I know it is a game, but this rubs me the wrong way). I have a screenshot with my character in brilliant battle armor, carrying someone’s dang picnic lunch. Then, there is this line:

    “Forlong wants to hold his old war trophy, which is kept in the Houses of Lore.”

    So on the eve of the defining battle of the age, this guy wants me to go get his trophy. I find this very lore-breaking, as the correct response should have been: “Laugh in his fat-face, and tell him to get off his big butt and go get it himself.”

    It took me about half-way through the babysitting quest line for me to stop reading the quest text. The above one just caught my eye and I had to /facepalm. It makes me sad to be not interested in the story anymore.

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