3 thoughts on “LTB Episode-47, Ball Drops on the Endless Stairs

  1. Another great episode Braag! Also, I actually enjoyed the Grima/Gollum/Treebeard song last time. Looking forward to another great year of lighting those beacons! In answer to your question about the presents, I have gotten one Tome of Fate out of them this year- I think it was tier 2. Don’t lose hope!

  2. Wouldn’t you know it, I spoke too soon! I received a T1 Agility Tome the very next morning after the Podcast!. The RNG strikes again!

  3. I was lucky enough to receive the Hobby Horse the first year it was introduced (about three years ago?). Running that many toons through, and you’re bound to get it … but on an alt! Hehehe! I think between all my characters, I’ve gotten maybe 3 stat tomes – but like you said, it has been very sparse as to the variety of rewards.

    Good luck in 2016!

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