One thought on “LTB Episode-57, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

  1. Hello Braag,
    I’m Orlac of Arkenstone. I finally shook off my ‘Hobbit apathy’ and left a review on itunes. Because I’m from Melbourne Australia I’m not sure if you can see that review, so I’ve included it here in the comments. Keep up the good work as this is my favourite LOTRO podcast.

    Light the Beacons is an entertaining and humorous podcast that focuses on Lord of the Rings Online. The host (Braag) is an experienced gamer and has much knowledge regarding LOTRO. He also discusses other games and various pop culture topics. His expertise in all things LOTRO is why I always learn something new with each episode.
    I enjoy Braag’s sarcastic humour and I find myself laughing out loud at his antics. My favourite episode was the one where Braag reflected on the balance between gaming and family life. This is something I too often struggle with.

    If you play LOTRO, are thinking of playing LOTRO or just like a good laugh then this is the podcast for you. Highly recommended!

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