3 thoughts on “LTB Episode-59, A Raid Too Far is now available!

  1. Thank you for another great podcast.

    I don’t do Itunes or I would say that there LOL

    Been to most those tough places to go to, Angmar was a scary place when level cap was 50, a lot of fun there.

    When they released the game, I heard they were not sure on having Angmar at launch but it got done and helped name the game.

    Have a great and Merry Christmas and a jolly New Year Braag.

    Best Regards,

  2. Hey Braag! Glad to hear from you again and glad that you are feeling better! This week’s(?) top ten list was a good one! I would argue that getting to Minas Tirith as a chicken should also have been on the list, as well as the ruin across the river in North Ered Luin.
    As for Tolkien related gift suggestions, replicas are always awesome. I’ve found a non-sharp replica of Sting on eBay for about $30, scabbard included. Sits above my TV, right next to my Hobbit map.
    Have a great Christmas!

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