5 thoughts on “LTB Episode – 71, Do the Dewm!

  1. So I asked myself – what would my character really do once the ring was destroyed? Firstly, after getting a lump of coal for 10 years worth of questing, then being asked to pickup the trash inside of Mordor – I believe he’d tell Aragorn to go pound sand. You want to clean up the garbage dump? Go do it yourself. Secondly, after being kindred (or greater) with 50+ factions of men, elves, and dwarves and being asked to pledge allegiance to them once again – I believe my character would feel significantly disrespected by the mere question of where his allegiance would lie after several years of proof. Slighted and offended, I decided to go out questing on my own path. Easily leveled to 115, now sitting comfy at 96k morale with non-essence / non-box gear, zero grind – it’s a wonderful thing. Was holding off at purchasing Mordor until it was available via LP – now I’m thinking I’ll just skip it altogether.

    1. A perfectly valid way to play the game obviously that sounds like it provides significantly less in the way of mental anguish from your perspective, but without buying in to the newly introduced grinds, how do you find yourself spending your time at endcap? Do you have other goals to motivate you.. or do you just “be” 🙂


  2. Well done on the live egg hunt coverage – I have no doubt this sport will eventually make its way to ESPN 111 ‘The Ringcho’.

    Also glad to hear you had a crack at the Crosser marathon, and succeeded! While I have only done the mere poultry chores that are some of the pre-reqs for the Crosser run, I have never done any of the big runs as a chicken. My only experiences have pretty much just been guarding several egg-celent runs to Minas Tirith, etc.

    I’d ask if Mt Dewm came in Diet, but then again actual Diet Dew is probably worse for you than would be regular Dewm. Either way I may need an eagle to fly me to the closest infirmary after ingestion.

  3. Right now, I’ve been mostly bringing up another five toons to 115 along the same route. After that, who knows. Personally, I stop when the ratio of character progression vs. grind becomes even moderately slanted towards the grind. Right now, could my character get marginally better? Sure, maybe. Would it require an inordinate amount of grind to get that fraction of an increase, as well as a real-money expenditure? Yes. So with that, I guess I don’t mind just “being”.

  4. Another great show Braag.

    I saw Atomic Blonde and Logan Lucky, love em both. Looking forward to Blade Runner, Thor and Star Wars.

    Made it to 115 with my Champ Palidor tonight, Ding!
    Gonna be a while for my guard, can not do enough damage quick enough just yet.

    Have a good one Braag.

    Your fan, the other Brag LOL

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