2 thoughts on “LTB Episode-77, Lootbox-A-Palooza

  1. Like almost everything in LOTRO, lootboxes are about choice – you can choose to participate, or you can choose not to. For me, not participating in certain LOTRO sub-systems (including lootboxes), decreases the gold sink which obviously then increases the size of my pocketbook. From there, depending on how much you’d want to “flip” those unwanted/unused items, you can move from the hundreds of gold, to the tens of thousands. I recently passed 10k gold by continuing to auction off the following items:

    – Lootbox keys: Never got anything good out of them.
    – Cosmetic pets: I have these turned off, so selling them is like selling something invisible.
    – Housing items: Maybe I’ll stop selling these when housing becomes relevant in some manner.
    – Anything essence related: Crafting those cooldown recipe components to sell nets about 50g per day.

    As they say, “to each their own”. MMOs give you the freedom to play however you want. However, I will leave lootboxes in my filtered-out list.

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