One thought on “LTB Episode 19, Vewy Scareey

  1. Great job on the episode, Floyd was spot on! I’ve been working on Skirmisher of Middle Earth a bit myself – 12 total encounters left, and all at the mercy of RNG, oy vey.

    As for your shortcut, I have indeed done that a couple of times in the past, until I found a method that is probably quicker & less twitchy which I now use regularly, and if done correctly will also result in no leg breaks:

    1) After leaving Elrond’s library, head to the right-most ledge right on front of ya. Step up on the ledge and turn camera half-way to the right and downward. You’ll notice a grate-like set of arches over the ramp.

    2) Using the right-mouse for better control, aim your character toward the second arch from the bottom (this is the middle of the three arches over the ramp) and jump to land on top (the higher the better on the arch, but you should be able to land anywhere on it w/o breaking your leg). Classes with a speed toggle (such as hunter/warden), or boost (ex. champ/guard) can probably forego the jumping to reach that arch, but it’s still probably recommended for safety.

    3) After landing on that arch, turn to face the downward flow of the ramp, and harmlessly drop the last bit onto the final piece of the ramp. Exit the house (or stop by the neighborhood friendly Vault-keeper.

    Here is also a quick image showing this method – print it out, and fold it up for your wallet!

    I have also tried another method that involves starting on the left-most ledge, making a jump toward a ledge to the left, then being able to drop down, but it’s a much more difficult primary jump to make. Needless to say, I was bored one day, and felt like messing about.

    Great show again, cheers!

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