2 thoughts on “LTB Episode-45, Light the Bacon!!

  1. Hello Braag,

    I am glad to see your work continue.

    Sometimes I feel I have right-clicked my way through Middle Earth
    for the last few years. I wish the devs could put more into quests but there will always be mundane tasks to deal with. I think they rushed Minas Tirith, I expected a Thanksgiving release.
    It could have used more time and QA testing. They are fixing issues, with more to be resolved in the Big Battles, still a bit off and buggy.
    I would love to see a fully useful, functional, timely and informative game launcher UI.
    We currently, and for sometime, have had the worst one in the industry, since the launch in 2007. All the negative aside, I still enjoy the game and I am looking forward to more. Is SWTOR still without in game chat? Pretty big deal-breaker there.

    Keep lighting whatever you have to Master Dwarf,
    Best Regards,
    The other Brag 🙂

  2. I’ve been enjoying the update a little more, now that I’m away from the main city and questing on the landscape.

    As far as the new armor sets go, I’m still foregoing the use of any essence gear. I’ve stuck with guild crafted and the DA non-essence set and have not run into any problems just leaving it at that. Recently hit kindred, so no need to run dailies. I may pick up some pieces purely for cosmetic reasons.

    Not into the EB’s either, but they obviously have to be run for the epic story. I stood by Gandalf during both of them and just watched each of the 20 minute cut scenes as all the NPCs ran around like chickens. Both completed at silver, with two side quests completed. Ran the “hammer” one later with a 6 man group, this time “trying” to do whatever it is you are supposed to do in an EB (run around like a chicken). The instance bugged at the end, so we lost out on the merit rewards. Pretty silly that I did better just standing and observing …

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