4 thoughts on “DTB Episode-51, The Grima Strikes Back

  1. Always classy, Grima. Say, I have a couple of hobbit archer buddies who I bet would just KILL to meet you! Please let me know if you’d consider having a lasting supper with them. I’m sure you’d be the HIT of the party!

  2. Grima, after the Christmas special I’ve always wanted to ask whether you took voice lessons. Your singing voice is like nothing I’ve ever heard.
    Along other lines, how do I get what looks like a profile pic for my comment? I’m kind of curious.

    P.S. I hope you didn’t hurt Braag TOO much, and just locked him in the haunted burrow for a few days.

  3. I think I have a Thorne for Grima LOL

    I have been a bad dwarf and not playing much, the update is coming soon.

    Hope to be on to check things out. While I was doing the beta of the update, I was seeing familiar beacon names, thanks Braag for planting them into my brain : )
    You might have some new places for the viewers to see LOL

    Looking forward to Fury of Maul ( Oh no LOL)

    An April Fool,

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