7 thoughts on “LTB Episode-54, Creepin and Raidin!

  1. Hey LSU! I think it’s an 64 Bit HP pavilion, 17.3″ screen with 12.0 Gb Ram and a 2.4Ghz processor. Not burning the world down but it does ok. Not sure, but I think it’s my graphics card that is crashing me out of LOTRO on a daily basis as I usually get a msg saying my Nividia card crashed and recovered when it happens, and I need to reboot before restarting to make sure it does not happen again for at least awhile…

    1. Cool! Thanks for the info. I am looking in to getting a new computer for myself (mine can hardly run in a small fellowship) and was just curious what you used.

  2. Hail Braag,

    Been very busy in and outside of game. I have been so busy with grouping for the Lost Coins box runs and new instances for armor drops. It seems like the old days of early Moria to me.

    I am glad you did not go to Gladden, I just left as my kin decided to go to Arkenstone,
    logged in and kin was disbanded LOL. I have met some very nice, new people on Landroval.

    Hope you are well Mater Dwarf, Keep Lighting the Beacons
    Bragenthorne of Landroval.

  3. Well you must be feeling very flattered again from the thieves at LPN

    I have become their number one non-listener.

    I don’t like that they steal your thoughts and ideas. andang will just say its free game
    and I just want to pummel him and karvette

    Braag I will keep enjoying your fresh, original and thoughtful podcasts, and LPN will keep copying, big buff, bears and butts n all.

    Best regards Master Dwarf,

    1. Hehe, thanks for the support. I did notice certain similarities there, but I don’t think Karvette even knows who I am so… I will choose the high road and say great minds think alike…

      1. Wise words indeed, I have lived on both roads.

        One road has much better rewards.

        I need to evict those folks from my mind, cannot charge them for all that free rent I gave them, plus they don’t deserve it : )

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