4 thoughts on “LTB Episode-61, Can’t Get Enough of Moria Baby…

  1. Love the Rush reference in the last podcast. So I say to you good Sir keep rocking on in the Gilded Cage of Light the Beacons.

  2. Braag, your mike and podcast sound is perfect – probably the best I’ve heard since you’ve started. I think you’ve nailed it!

    As far as herb-dailies go, I think you’ve done some side “herb dailies” to do that many herb-dailies. When they create the hobbit-botanist or hobbit-florist class – then… maybe I’ll pick flowers…

  3. Believe It or not, have actually been seriously considering experimenting with the Pipeweed cross-breeding system in the Farming profession in game!

  4. Zaney as ever with the Moria love songs! So have there been 2 LOTRO Players News episodes since you first called them out? I lay the credit at braag’s dancing feet.

    If they could just somehow tie pipeweed to essences, I’d be more happy to do both. BUT you’ve inspired me to land better gear before the next release. Maybe it’ll help if I smoke while I grind?

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