2 thoughts on “LTB Episode-73, I Pledge Allegiance to the Braag

  1. To answer your quest with regards to Mordor tasks – even if you don’t own the zone, you can still gain reputation with the Mordor rep faction via tasks, as well as barter for the “return to” / “muster” skills when you reach the appropriate rep level.

  2. Sometimes I get burned out with any game, so I take long breaks, like when they added the trees for skills, really pissed me off at the time (long time ago now).

    But I can take a break and maybe with a new set of eyes try the game again later.

    I have enjoyed the new content, I am far from finished with all of it. My aim is getting
    about six toons to Mordor so I can fully craft and do more than one thing in the new area. No Kinship still, I would like to find one but I maybe the issue. Any suggestions Braag?

    Its a real bummer that the folks at LOTRO Reporter are no longer casting. I really enjoyed their work and I wish them all the very best. Hope to see them on Landroval
    if they keep playing for fun. I offered leveling help many times LOL

    I have seen Blade Runner 3 times now, its time for the rest of the geeks to get their butts in the theater seats. It has a great pace, not fast, not slow, its long but it moves.
    The only movie that I may like better is Star Wars but Blade Runner maybe tops for me this year.

    Thanks again Braag for another great podcast, Hoozah, Baruk khazad and all that other stuff, your Top Viewer, Brag minor, one a, not two : )

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