One thought on “LTB Episode-75, High Elves, Pipeweed and The Super-Mellons!!

  1. Dear Braag,

    Congrats on 75 episodes. I have enjoyed them all.

    Your humor and insights are always welcome, I think
    people who play LOTRO and SSG are lucky to have you.
    Maybe some of them could express some gratitude here?

    Out of any talking heads you can pick these days,
    I would say you qualify to be truly fair and balanced.
    Not enough of that these days.

    I would not change a thing but who knows, when refilling your cup or pipe or whatever, you may be inspired to do something new. Thinking about posting your episodes on You Tube? I am sure people would love to guest host with you but maybe you don’t want the headache? LOL

    Be good to yourself Master Dwarf, please keep lighting the beacons and
    May the Force Be With You, Always…………………

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